Developer & Consultant specialising in automation, keen home DIYer, Dewalt power tool fan, salsa dancer, lover of chocolate and best of all, a Dad.

Who is Dan Harrison?

I’m a very experienced developer who’s specialised in writing code for businesses to help them automate their businesses processes. A strong believer in using computers, code and AI to make our lives easier, I consult and develop code for businesses who want to tidy up their internal processes with automation.

I love using my technical abilities to solve problems for our clients, and being someone clients can rely on to solve technical headaches they encounter. I will happily explain the most technical of concepts to anyone of any technical level, to help them understand what I’m solving for them.

A little while ago I launched a brand new website for business owners called Brilliant Business Tools. It’s packed full of resources to help business owners find the right tools to automate and grow their business. I pour my love of software tools into resources and guides to help businesses.

I work hard to balance work with time with my family, particularly making sure I have the time to spend with my son and my partner. I’m known for my love of chocolate, but I also love to cook for friends, renovate my home, tick things off my bucket list and go salsa dancing.

[And for those of you who know what I mean about collecting power tools… my brand of choice is Dewalt :o) ].


A bit about my journey

My journey with WordPress began around 2005, shortly after I completed my MEng Computer Science degree from the University of Southampton. I was tinkering with websites when I discovered WordPress as a platform for creating them. Having created my first blog with WordPress, I was customising the theme to give my website a unique feel (and to stand out from other websites). As time went on, I was becoming more skilled, writing custom WordPress plugins and themes from scratch.

In 2010, I began freelancing, by offering WordPress development services to anyone wanting help, advice and ideas for their WordPress website. It was from this freelancing work that I formed WP Doctors as a company, and I was personally known as “the WordPress Doctor“. In 2023, I took all of the experience and expertise from creating automations with code and WordPress and created Automation Thingies, essentially an agency that specialises in helping service-based businesses to implement automation within their business.